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prayers and prayers and more prayers

Tonight is one of those nights where I wish I could just sleep and not let anything get in the way of my sleep. I have a lot on my mind specifically Jacob and his wrist. Tomorrow is his appointment with the pediatric orthopedic and this is when they tell us exactly what will be happening. The last couple appointments have been hard every time they have done an xray they have had to go back and basically move the bone and recast it because the bone is growing at an angle. So now its come to the point where they are basically going to do another xray and then let us know if he is going to have surgery or not. if he is to have surgery they would break his wrist and then put it back together with a pin and then recast it and he is out for another 6-8 weeks. I want what's best for him but I also see him kind of falling into a depression over it. It is so hard for a 6 year old to just sit it out during recess for 6-8 weeks which he has been doing but can you imagine having to do it for …
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Meet Lincoln Nathaniel

So I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing this phrase "he was a surprise baby" now I totally understand it, lol. Here is our last baby known as the Links, he was born August 15, 2016

him and Mason were born 15 months apart. He is now 7 months has one tooth that just came through, he crawls and sits up and is just adorable

Lincoln's labor was so rough, and even after I had him all I wanted to do was take my baby home to meet the rest of our clan and recover. Of course that was not easy either there was a huge fire in the Cajon Pass and we couldn't come straight home so we went to my Mom's house in Downey to wait it out, we spent one night and I felt horrible I missed my boys and I missed my house and I physically felt horrible. The next day we tried to come home and the freeway was still closed so we had an adventure going all the way around through big bear with a 3 day old. It was tough every bump and move hurt me so much but Lincoln was such a good baby no f…

Meet Mason Nicholas

On May 9th, 2015 welcomed our 4th boy Mason, he was born in Fontana at the Kaiser and he has been such a sweetheart.
He is perfect, he comes at a time when life has been a little on the down side so his arrival is definitely exciting. With each new baby comes new light
and a chance to start from 0. Mason has a big personality and his brothers just adore him, Julian constantly messes with him and tries to always take his toys, Jacob defends him but always argues with Mason at the same time, and then there is Damian, Damian kisses the floor Mason walks on he is his protector for anything and everything. He is always holding him and when Mason was a new baby Damian always watched him like a hawk, if a family member or friend were holding him for too long he would walk over and quietly ask for his baby back. If Mason cried he was on it teaching the adults how his baby liked to be bounced and held. Still to this day one of Mason's first words were  Beben (Damian for short). They follo…

we went from 5 to 7

The year is 2017 and I am not really sure what happened but time did not pause and so a lot was missed, sorry. When I originally started this it was with the intention to keep up with it and make sure the boys had memories they could go back and read and if one day Ricky or I lost our memory we could read this and remember the bigger things that happened. Ok so we have added two more to our family which I will also write a separate post for each one but lets say hello to Mason Nicholas who is about to be two in May and then Lincoln Nathaniel who is 7 months old and the last of our mohicans. So now we are a family of 7, which is pretty interesting given the fact that there are 6 boys and then there's me. I'm trying my hardest to adjust who I am to fit this whole "boy" lifestyle sometimes its challenging but for the most part its fun and a bit dangerous. So we had two more babies we also moved from our baby house that we lived in since I was pregnant (baby 3) with Jaco…

wow, its been way too long

I was suppose to be updating this during the kids Thanksgiving break and I forgot to do it, ok fine I was too lazy. We had such a great break we took out all mattresses and set them up in the living room and we it was a camp out that was so relaxing and fun. Thanksgiving was spent at my cousins house first and then off to my Mother in law's house we went. In all we had a great time, too bad I forgot to take pictures I only have one of the kids which I will post later. I made two awesome ham's, or so I think. Then it seemed like a minute later the boys were back in school and I missed them tons. Oh yeah I also forgot Halloween now that was something else, there were 6 cars (if I remember correctly) in total that made up our party and the kids had a blast yes I have pics and yes I will post them too but later. Then it was my big 30 bday, lol..jeez so weird to be turning 30. I cant believe how time flys, but it was nice Ricky took the day off and we just hung out all day it was g…

See I told ya!

So here is what's been going on.. Damian turned the big 5 Nov 10th, Crazy how time fly's by. To think that next year all three boys will be in school is crazy to me. We are trying on baby number four with no luck yet but we are not giving up, lol. We hope that we might get a girl but if it's a boy we will be happy too. Damian keeps asking when his little sister will be here so that's hard to explain. Julian has been going to school and loving it, he has a speech therapist that goes to his class once a week to help him and he is doing awesome! He is quite the chatter box, and the things he says 99% of the time are hilarious. Jacob is growing by the minute every time I go to put shoes or clothes on him he needs new ones. He is also picking up on some new words too his favorite it man as is batman, lol. It's a tie when it comes to the love of batman/cars, Jacob is so curious about anything and everything, and can not seem to help himself. Sometimes I want to cry at th…

We have lots of Catching up to do!

Oops, I said I was going to be good about blogging regularly and I'm not doing it, bad me! And here I am getting ready to head out to the movies, Yup you heard me right the movies at almost 1am. What can I say I'm a sucker for the Twilight series, anyways.... Since the boys are officially on break for Thanksgiving I will be updating with all that's been going on including, Damians bday, Halloween, and some other stuff till then goodnight my friends ;)